WTK Library by Title as of 08/12/2020

The WTK Library is available to dues-paying local members. The current collection, located in my home, focuses on reference and educational materials to support those individuals eager to improve their skills and understanding of technique and construction, in particular, knitters working on the Master Hand Knitter certification.  We have few books which are strictly patterns, however many of the technique books include relevant patterns.  If you are looking just for patterns, we encourage you to join and browse Ravelry.  

There are several ways to access this valuable collection:

  1. Come to my house!  Contact me to arrange a time to sit and browse to your heart’s content. 
  2. Review the list of titles and contact me.  We can arrange check-out/return times and locations  convenient to both of us.  

As a matter of courtesy, please return all items within 6 months.  It there is a waiting list for the item, we may limit the borrowing period to 3 months.

We also have a loaner ball winder and swift!  

-Claire Christian/Librarian