April’s Meeting – Largest attendance so far!

April’s meeting was held one week after our 3rd Open house, we acquired 14 new members.  I am not sure if they were all able to attend, but it was the largest number of people at a single meeting!

This month we did have quite a bit of business to cover, the main part of that being the guild has completed the filing of the non-profit status with the State of California and what that means in terms of our bylaws and policies and procedures.  Things will pretty much remain the same, but the structure of the board and elections will be slightly different from the past.  It is all good and the guild is stronger than ever.

I want to take a second to thank Marie Neel for doing such an excellent job as our membership chairperson,  it makes stepping into the position so much easier and less intimidating.  She has set a great example.  I hope I will be able to follow through.

Suzanne had a great presentation on thumb gussets.  I have made a few pairs of fingerless gloves, but the ones I have made, I haven’t been thrilled with the way the thumb stuck out.  If I make another pair,  I think I will know what to do if I want to chang

Lots of show and tell last meeting, it’s always my favorite part of the meeting.  Getting to see what everyone has been working on.

Some of you will have to forgive me.  I don’t know all of your names yet,  the name tags do help tremendously, but if I didn’t happen to get it in the photo…  then well,  *sigh*

I love our new meeting room,  but I am having slight issues with the lighting if you happen to be in front of the windows, so next meeting I may ask you to step to your left or your right just a bit, to avoid the hazy lighting for the photos.

I also want to say,  don’t be shy about posting comments.  If you know who someone is and want to remind everyone their name and what their project was for any given month.  Please do post a comment,  it will help everyone get to know each other quicker. I want everyone to feel included. I may just have to start taking notes..  🙂

The next guild meeting is May 14th.

Next social knitting date at the library is May 21st.

Also consider joining in at Panera’s Tuesday morning  9:00 am to noonish on California Ave.  or Wednesday evening at the Panera’s on Stockade Hwy.  from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

(Thanks to Amy for catching I didn’t have the Wednesday evening Panera’s address.  Sometimes it takes a proofreader.  🙂  )

What the Knit’s 3rd Annual Open House

Well from what I hear, they were lined up to get in.  That is so great!

For those interested in the numbers,  there were 118 vistors that registered,  and 14 of those visitors have become members of the guild.  Again, that is so great!

I am so happy to be part of this guild, it is amazing what  can happen when you get a bunch of like minded people together.

Since I wasn’t able to be there this time, I can’t really make any first hand comments, so I will invite you all to comment on the event’s of the day.  Share your thoughts….

Here are some pictures of the group getting set up, and what went on after the doors opened.


I should be there next year,  no more kids to marry off!




And we are Marching on…

I will be posting our show and tell photos from the March guild meeting very “soon”   I did want to get on and post the flyer for our upcoming Knitting EXPO.  I will be printing up flyers so everyone can have a few to print up on your workplace bulletin boards or post at your favorite hang out spots.  I know some of our members found us via our previous EXPO’s

2016 Expo flyer ver4

The expo has been listed in about 1/2 dozen of the local online community calendars, but pass the word onto your friends.  We would love to have a great turn out.  I am curious to see if having it indoors this year will have a chance in attendance.

January 31st 2016

Wow!  2016 seems like it just started a few minutes ago and here I am looking at the calendar and a new month begins in less than 8 hours.  Where does the time go?

I, along with a bunch of you made a resolution or two at the beginning of the year.  My main two were:  1.  Work on being more productive, and  2.  Catch up on old projects. I have had luck with implementing tools to help keep my organized.  It’s been a month now, and I am still using and interested in continuing to use my “bullet journal”.  And….  I have decided the first project I want to work on finishing up,  and… I know where it is in the house…  Yay!!

The following slide show is of images from our last guild meeting (show and tell)

I am sorry I had to leave a bit early, and miss the presentation Kathy did on fibers, but happy I got to see all the work people brought to share.

I am so excited about our new meeting space and am really looking forward to seeing for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Part of the guild meeting will cover how to rip out an old project that is haunting you and get the yarn ready to reuse.  I am sure it will be mentioned again in the Ravelry group, but I will post here a request for anyone to bring their niddy nodes and yarn swifts to share during the meeting, that way we can get a few projects re-purposed and send people home with “new” yarn  with a cost of 0$

Somewhat out of order, buy hey..

Hello All,

I am posting things a bit out of order,  I feel it’s the easiest way for me to get things caught up  faster.  Still have June and July to catch up with,  but not to worry  that will show up here shortly.

The last part of July was full of fun.   A number of our members participated in the TKGA conference in San Diego.  20150723_132359

I was lucky enough to sort of go along for the ride, my plan was to take the opportunity of being away from home with nothing else to do but knit,  I gathered up a few UFO’s  with the intention of completing at least one.  I did work on one project until I ran out of yarn.  Which felt great!

One day Suzanne and Charles had a free afternoon and the decision was made to go on a trolley tour of San Diego. I  had never done a tour of a city before,  my thinking was I don’t want to be a touristy type,  but  I am very glad I went along.  Even though we were at a knitting conference, sometimes it is just nice to spend time with people you like,  even without yarn and needles.


There was plenty time to find a spot and sit and knit.  Some days everyone that attended classes just needed to sit and decompress.  Lots and lots of information to absorb.

One of the highlights of the experience was the yarn tasting on Friday night.  There were 47 different yarns,  each attendee received about 15 yards of each yarn.  Enough to knit up a swatch,  and discover some new favorite yarns.  We also all receive two drink tickets….20150724_194313

You can see the evidence on the table.  This probably has something to do with how my phone ended up in the toilet that evening…  But that’s another story for another time.

I am sure everyone learned a lot.  I hope the conference will happen out here in the west again in a couple of years.  Next year the conference will be held in Charleston, South Carolina.


Back to Bakersfield…..August guild meeting

Yesterday was so much fun!  I loved seeing all the new faces.  35 people at the meeting,  I believe that is a record.

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April Guild meeting

We had our 4th guild meeting of 2015 this last Saturday and once again it was a very fun and informative .  We are growing as a group with each meeting. It is great to have new faces each month.  The more the merrier.

The beginning of the meeting included discussion about the upcoming open house.  The consensus seemed to be as long as enough of the guild members showed up early enough.  “We’ve got this”.  Because we have an awesome group..  (I agree)

What is almost as fun as going on a yarn crawl with your best friend(s) for 3 days?

Hearing all about going on a yarn crawl with your best friend for 3 days.

I really enjoyed hearing about Amanda and Lisa’s experiences at all 29 yarn shops on the LA yarn crawl.  I really appreciated the “good, the bad, and the ugly” list they provided and commented on.  I will keep that filed away for future reference, for next time I am down that way.

And now let’s see what we all have been working on

I leave you with things to look forward to like,  Getting your taxes filed by Wednesday.

The next guild meeting is May 9th.  See you all then.







I can’t believe it’s already March…. uh, I mean April..

Well this post is a bit late,  but I was determined to try and get mostly caught up before April.

The March meeting was fun!  A few new faces joined us for the day and also joined the guild and  a few faces we haven’t seen in awhile were able to join us again.  It sort of felt like a reunion,  and it seems that is when the weather started to turn so lovely.  (knock on wood it continues)

The meeting started off with Kayleen and Sharon covering what is in the works for the expo, and making sure alll the stations will  be covered.  What will be needed for the display boards and the items we would like to have for display on the tables.

Suzanne  had lots of knitting  and stories to share from her trip back to Georgia/North Carolina, and the class she took while there and the knitting group she was able to meet while visiting Charles.   She was there for about a week and then home for a day or two and then off to Madrona  for more fun with yarn.  (You can never have enough).  Thank you Suzanne for sharing your experiences even if What happens in Madrona stays in Madrona.

Amy shared her travels to Stitches West, and  some of her stash enhancement while there.  I think she was nice to share because she was lucky all of those skeins of yarn made it all the way around the room and back to her.

As always there was “show and tell”

As always,  I headed home inspired to keep working.  We have a lot to look forward to in the near future.  Hopefully  many more days of wonderful springlike weather.  It is spring after all.

Easter is in about a week,  and the week after that is our next guild meeting,  and a couple weeks after that is the Open House/Expo.

Looking forward to all the fun times coming up.



Happy Valentines Day!!

Dear What the Knit Blog,  You have been a little neglected lately and I apologize.  Some technical issues with site storage,  and some fun unexpected real life issues are the cause.   I am a couple months behind in posting and I will catch up with our December and January meetings.  The best thing to do right now to keep from falling behind is to post about today’s meeting and then work on the two previous months ASAP.

What can I say,  today was great,  and we had two new people join today at the end of the meeting.  Welcome  to  Barbara and Pam.  I think you are going to enjoy the guild very much,  and we all enjoy having you.

We had a table full of Valentine’s Day treats today.  The girl scout Samoa cookies were calling my name,  the Lacy cookies were to die for and the chocolate covered strawberries were fun.  I indulged in enough sugar to last a week at least.

Today Jackie went over the thumb cast on for everyone,  most were familiar with it,  but it was new for some.  She covered having everyone knit the first row and stockinette and also purling the first row in stockinette in order to see the difference that happens on the edge.  It seemed that most people preferred purling the first row rather than knitting.

Jackie also went over binding off, and how important it is to bing off loosely,  otherwise sometimes your socks,  or shrugs,  or whatever will not behave in the desired way.

The biggest take away today for me was how to deal with the last stitch of your bind off.  I have always threaded the tail through the last loop and never ever thought about.  But today is was brought up there was a different way to finish off that was much cleaner looking without giving you a wonky corner.  Instead of threading the tail through the loop it was brought up that you can just pull that loop up with the tail and all.  Who Knew??

Now for Show and Tell

Today was a very fun day with all my knitting friends.  Those that are traveling, and those that could not join us today for other reasons.  You were missed.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Valentine’s Day,  and get your heart’s desire.Valentines_Chocolates.