It feels like spring is coming..

Does it to you too? Or maybe I am totally off and it’s already here and I have been glued to Netflix too long to realize what day it actually is.

Anyway… it is time or has been for awhile to dust off this site and see what we can do to add some fun into the group.

I have found a new Calendar plug in. It seems to be working much better. shhhh I shouldn’t have said that out loud. knock on wood it continues to not disappoint. I will be adding events to the calendar as the weeks roll by and hopefully will be able to add live in person to the categories list!! Won’t that be fun?

I am really looking forward to getting together again in person and to when we can share our work in progress and our finished projects with each other.

As a way to test out a new photo gallery plug in I dug back into the history files and made a little gallery of photos as a blast from the past.

Lets see how this goes…

A couple of things to tweak, but it’s fun looking back.

I will be adding a few of these in the coming weeks. We have lots of stuff in the archive.

All guild members watch your email box. I will be sending out nomination info in the next day or so.



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