July, JULY?! What? Wait….

So I saw a note from Suzanne that she was working on the newsletter for August and I thought, “Oh wow!,  I better get on to update our website with last month’s meeting”, so here we go..

First off welcome to our 3 newest members of the guild,  Silvia Rodriguez who joined during our last guild meeting and Jennie Garner and Kathy Mashburn who joined sometime this last week.

I know I keep saying this but it’s true.  The membership directory is almost ready to go live here on the website, we have the members area locked down so it will be a private area.    We are waiting for more members to submit their bios. They don’t have to be long and involved, just share a little bit about yourself that will help the other guild members to get to know you a little better. Right now, if you haven’t sent Suzanne a bio, then this is what is listed under your name:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus purus tortor, dapibus id dolor sed, imperdiet dapibus libero. Nunc at odio libero. Donec tristique eleifend sodales. Donec iaculis sapien eros, sit amet molestie urna pulvinar dignissim. Sed lectus metus, pellentesque vitae turpis eu, pretium placerat ex. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Praesent cursus arcu a urna suscipit commodo quis nec justo. Nulla mollis nulla sit amet purus gravida interdum. Mauris convallis consequat risus, a porta dolor euismod sit amet. Aliquam euismod metus nisl, eu dapibus justo iaculis nec. Vestibulum nec vulputate odio, vel mattis diam. Sed quis aliquet mi. Suspendisse eu consequat tellus, vitae ultricies urna. Maecenas sodales velit urna, sed sollicitudin lorem lobortis sed.

We have quite a few members with this under their name.  It would be fun to see  other things like what your favorite food is,  when you started knitting,  what you do in your spare time when you are not knitting, how many pets you have,  how many banks you have robbed,  you know, that kind of thing.

Before I post the show and tell photos I will make a couple of observations from last months meeting.

#1.  We have figured out how to use the microphone!  YAY!!!!

#2   It seems we are getting more comfortable displaying our projects during show and tell.  When you see the photos, especially the shawls that were shared you will see what I mean.

My apologies to Suzanne,  she took the photos for show and tell last month, and when it was her turn to show and tell,  I took photos of her 2 projects,  but they were lost today  when I inadvertantly deleted a folder I thought had been duplicated.  I will work on retrieving those images, but I wanted to get this post up while it was still July.

OK!,  enough talk,  bring on the photos

A reminder and for those of you who are new,  the best way to view the photos is to click on the first thumbnail and then you can scroll left or right to view all the images with the included captions.


After looking at the photos again,  I realized many of our table mates helped out the person whose turn it was for show and tell by holding the microphone,  I think that is a good idea. It is hard to hold up your project for display and also hold the microphone.

One last thing ,  I am definitely going to lunch with you all next month.  Yum!

ETA:  I almost forgot…  Suzanne found a link to our time before we formed the guild,  it’s a blog that was started on blogspot in  2008.  I had fun revisiting the past, if you are curious click  HERE