May 14th, 2016

Well it’s Memorial Day today, I hope everyone is enjoying time with their families and friends.  I can not believe we are so close to being half way through the year.

My commentary on the May meeting is going to be almost nothing because I had to leave just as show and tell was beginning.  But I do want to say thank you to Suzanne for blocking my sweater that was put into time out last year.  It was the extra push I needed to get it finished up.  I have about another 2 inches of seaming to go and then it is officially  done. Then I am off to the next UFO.  My half-finished Edge Addiction.

Show and tell

I post info on how to view the show and tell photos every once in while so the newer members can view the slide show as intended.  Hopefully you are seeing a group of about 30 thumbnails with some captions, if not click where is says “show thumbnails”.  Once you have the thumbnails showing click on the first one.  When you click on the first image that should bring up the full size image with a caption if there is one, from there you can view all the images full size by clicking on the right or left arrows to go through all the images.

While looking through the photos, I did see Kate was making a list of the patterns used for the show and tell items.  I think that is a great idea.

We are continuing to work on the member directory and the members only area of the website.  I expect we will be getting that all lined up and finished in the next month.

That is about it for now.  The next guild meeting will be June 11th.  We will be meeting around the fountain at the Marketplace on Ming Ave.  for our observance of World Wide Knit in Public Day.  Annie will also be counting up the ballots for the election of our board members, I believe that will be happening @ 10:00.  If you are going to be there before 10:00 am, bring your ballot with you if you haven’t already turned yours in.  If you can not make it to the June meeting please email Annie your ballot @ the email address printed on the ballot.  See you all in couple of weeks if not sooner.

April’s Meeting – Largest attendance so far!

April’s meeting was held one week after our 3rd Open house, we acquired 14 new members.  I am not sure if they were all able to attend, but it was the largest number of people at a single meeting!

This month we did have quite a bit of business to cover, the main part of that being the guild has completed the filing of the non-profit status with the State of California and what that means in terms of our bylaws and policies and procedures.  Things will pretty much remain the same, but the structure of the board and elections will be slightly different from the past.  It is all good and the guild is stronger than ever.

I want to take a second to thank Marie Neel for doing such an excellent job as our membership chairperson,  it makes stepping into the position so much easier and less intimidating.  She has set a great example.  I hope I will be able to follow through.

Suzanne had a great presentation on thumb gussets.  I have made a few pairs of fingerless gloves, but the ones I have made, I haven’t been thrilled with the way the thumb stuck out.  If I make another pair,  I think I will know what to do if I want to change.

Lots of show and tell last meeting, it’s always my favorite part of the meeting.  Getting to see what everyone has been working on.

Some of you will have to forgive me.  I don’t know all of your names yet,  the name tags do help tremendously, but if I didn’t happen to get it in the photo…  then well,  *sigh*

I love our new meeting room,  but I am having slight issues with the lighting if you happen to be in front of the windows, so next meeting I may ask you to step to your left or your right just a bit, to avoid the hazy lighting for the photos.

I also want to say,  don’t be shy about posting comments.  If you know who someone is and want to remind everyone their name and what their project was for any given month.  Please do post a comment,  it will help everyone get to know each other quicker. I want everyone to feel included. I may just have to start taking notes..  🙂

The next guild meeting is May 14th.

Next social knitting date at the library is May 21st.

Also consider joining in at Panera’s Tuesday morning  9:00 am to noonish on California Ave.  or Wednesday evening at the Panera’s on Stockade Hwy.  from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

(Thanks to Amy for catching I didn’t have the Wednesday evening Panera’s address.  Sometimes it takes a proofreader.  🙂  )