Here comes Peter Cottontail!


Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

As I am typing this post the realization that Easter is this coming Sunday, not some Sunday a week or two from now is finally starting to compute.  My time does fly, especially when you don’t need it too.

The rest of the month I am sure is going to fly by, and then we will be into April, which is four months into the year…  , and before you know it it will be summertime.

Why is it when you are a kid days seems to last forever,  in a good way, and when you get older the day is half over before you get out of bed.  ( I don’t mean that literally, I am out of bed before the day is half over, really!)

We have had some great things happening with the guild and our time knitting outside of the guild meeting time.  The guild is enjoying it’s new home on K St.  Last month we were downstairs,  this last meeting we got to see the upstairs room.  Big plus, both rooms were big enough for us and both rooms have a coffee maker.  Yay!!

The other fun thing to mention is the addition of  the Southwest branch of the library as a meeting place once a month on a Saturday to just come and hang out with knitting friends.  Our first meeting 17 people turned out.  The second meeting on March 12th,  I believe the count was 27.  So much fun.  I do like to knit by myself (some projects require solitude) but I also enjoy spending time with my knitting friends,  It’s nice to have different times during the week to get together.

I am working on updating calendar on this site to include  the Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and the monthly Saturdays that are scheduled for social knitting, and our monthly guild meetings.

Dates below are taken from the last newsletter, and I believe they are current and correct.

April 9, 2016 – Social Knitting at Southwest Library 9:00am – noon.

April 16, 2016 – Open House at Southwest Library

April 23, 2016 – Guild Meeting – Thumb gussets taught by Suzanne Bryan

May 14, 2016 – Guild Meeting – Blocking Party / Yarn Equivalents with Suzanne

May 21, 2016 – Social Knitting at Southwest Library 9:00-noon.

June 11, 2016 – Guild Meeting – World Wide Knit in Public Day

June 18, 2016 – Board Meeting June 18, 2016 – Social Knitting at

Southwest Library 9:00am – noon.

Sept 16-18 2016 – WTK Fall Retreat


The open house EXPO is coming up.  This is the 3rd year and because we have couple of years experience behind us I think it will go great. It will be wonderful to not have to be too concerned with what the weather decides to do that day.  You will all be inside.

I look forward to seeing lots and lots of pictures.

Enough talk..  Here is show and tell from the March meeting:

So it’s Wednesday night, do you think I could get one of those bunnies done by Sunday morning?


And we are Marching on…

I will be posting our show and tell photos from the March guild meeting very “soon”   I did want to get on and post the flyer for our upcoming Knitting EXPO.  I will be printing up flyers so everyone can have a few to print up on your workplace bulletin boards or post at your favorite hang out spots.  I know some of our members found us via our previous EXPO’s

2016 Expo flyer ver4

The expo has been listed in about 1/2 dozen of the local online community calendars, but pass the word onto your friends.  We would love to have a great turn out.  I am curious to see if having it indoors this year will have a chance in attendance.