I can’t believe it’s already March…. uh, I mean April..

Well this post is a bit late,  but I was determined to try and get mostly caught up before April.

The March meeting was fun!  A few new faces joined us for the day and also joined the guild and  a few faces we haven’t seen in awhile were able to join us again.  It sort of felt like a reunion,  and it seems that is when the weather started to turn so lovely.  (knock on wood it continues)

The meeting started off with Kayleen and Sharon covering what is in the works for the expo, and making sure alll the stations will  be covered.  What will be needed for the display boards and the items we would like to have for display on the tables.

Suzanne  had lots of knitting  and stories to share from her trip back to Georgia/North Carolina, and the class she took while there and the knitting group she was able to meet while visiting Charles.   She was there for about a week and then home for a day or two and then off to Madrona  for more fun with yarn.  (You can never have enough).  Thank you Suzanne for sharing your experiences even if What happens in Madrona stays in Madrona.

Amy shared her travels to Stitches West, and  some of her stash enhancement while there.  I think she was nice to share because she was lucky all of those skeins of yarn made it all the way around the room and back to her.

As always there was “show and tell”

As always,  I headed home inspired to keep working.  We have a lot to look forward to in the near future.  Hopefully  many more days of wonderful springlike weather.  It is spring after all.

Easter is in about a week,  and the week after that is our next guild meeting,  and a couple weeks after that is the Open House/Expo.

Looking forward to all the fun times coming up.