Happy Valentines Day!!

Dear What the Knit Blog,  You have been a little neglected lately and I apologize.  Some technical issues with site storage,  and some fun unexpected real life issues are the cause.   I am a couple months behind in posting and I will catch up with our December and January meetings.  The best thing to do right now to keep from falling behind is to post about today’s meeting and then work on the two previous months ASAP.

What can I say,  today was great,  and we had two new people join today at the end of the meeting.  Welcome  to  Barbara and Pam.  I think you are going to enjoy the guild very much,  and we all enjoy having you.

We had a table full of Valentine’s Day treats today.  The girl scout Samoa cookies were calling my name,  the Lacy cookies were to die for and the chocolate covered strawberries were fun.  I indulged in enough sugar to last a week at least.

Today Jackie went over the thumb cast on for everyone,  most were familiar with it,  but it was new for some.  She covered having everyone knit the first row and stockinette and also purling the first row in stockinette in order to see the difference that happens on the edge.  It seemed that most people preferred purling the first row rather than knitting.

Jackie also went over binding off, and how important it is to bing off loosely,  otherwise sometimes your socks,  or shrugs,  or whatever will not behave in the desired way.

The biggest take away today for me was how to deal with the last stitch of your bind off.  I have always threaded the tail through the last loop and never ever thought about.  But today is was brought up there was a different way to finish off that was much cleaner looking without giving you a wonky corner.  Instead of threading the tail through the loop it was brought up that you can just pull that loop up with the tail and all.  Who Knew??

Now for Show and Tell

Today was a very fun day with all my knitting friends.  Those that are traveling, and those that could not join us today for other reasons.  You were missed.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Valentine’s Day,  and get your heart’s desire.Valentines_Chocolates.