… the day finally arrived!….

and no one was disappointed.

Some of you know I have an affinity for a certain southern gentleman,  I can listen to “ya’ll” and “becoss”  intonation of southern voices  forever and a day and be happy.  I was looking forward to meeting Charles Gandy if only for the fact my ears would be very happy for the 6 hours.

I did not expect to be grinning ear to ear within minutes of grabbing my chair.

( a bit of housekeeping here:  to get things to display the way I would like,  if you click on the first image of the thumbnails the image should open in a browser format with the captions below and arrows on either side of the image to go forward and backward through the slide show)

Some things I took away from the class are, It’s only yarn,  experiment and have fun.  I may not be putting bobbles on the next thing I knit or making 3 needle attachments very soon, but it is so nice to know if I wanted to do something like that I now have the background and knowledge to go for it.

Charles,  thank you so much for a wonderful class,  you gave us a lot of information and incentive to play,  and I am happy you have youtube videos up to help us along if we get stuck or can’t remember exactly how to finish up that twist.  Something I will more than likely be referring to soon as I contemplate my Christmas Wreath Socks.

I am very grateful to have had another opportunity to spend a full day with a great group of knitters

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