November is a favorite month of mine…..

..the main reason being my son Ian was born in November and both of my sister’s daughters were also born in November,  and then of course there is always Thanksgiving!

I love this time of year even more since being in Bakersfield. By November the temperatures have finally dropped without threat of it getting back into the 90’s again without warning.  It is time to dig out those sweaters and also time to knit without fear of odd looks from strangers because it’s too warm to knit.

This month Kate did a great job of walking us through Knit Companion and letting us know about the collaboration between Knit Companion and Patternfish.

Knit Companion is a great tool, but unless you have a lot of time or the desire to learn it out of necessity,  it seemed to me to be a little confusing,  so I am very grateful to Kate for taking the time to learn the program and sharing with all of us.  With software being developed almost daily it is hard to keep up with the most efficient ways  to use it.

And now for show and tell

That is about it until the next Guild meeting on December 13th.  Which will be our holiday/Christmas party.  Remember to bring a gift for the gift exchange……

… the day finally arrived!….

and no one was disappointed.

Some of you know I have an affinity for a certain southern gentleman,  I can listen to “ya’ll” and “becoss”  intonation of southern voices  forever and a day and be happy.  I was looking forward to meeting Charles Gandy if only for the fact my ears would be very happy for the 6 hours.

I did not expect to be grinning ear to ear within minutes of grabbing my chair.

( a bit of housekeeping here:  to get things to display the way I would like,  if you click on the first image of the thumbnails the image should open in a browser format with the captions below and arrows on either side of the image to go forward and backward through the slide show)

Some things I took away from the class are, It’s only yarn,  experiment and have fun.  I may not be putting bobbles on the next thing I knit or making 3 needle attachments very soon, but it is so nice to know if I wanted to do something like that I now have the background and knowledge to go for it.

Charles,  thank you so much for a wonderful class,  you gave us a lot of information and incentive to play,  and I am happy you have youtube videos up to help us along if we get stuck or can’t remember exactly how to finish up that twist.  Something I will more than likely be referring to soon as I contemplate my Christmas Wreath Socks.

I am very grateful to have had another opportunity to spend a full day with a great group of knitters

Lots of knitting going on!

Oh my goodness!  It has been just about a month since I last updated the site  and there has been so much knitting going on in the group it feels like quite a bit more time has passed than just a month. So much so that it took me a minute to remember what the education portion of last month’s meeting was,  but then it came to me.. Beading.  Yes it was beading.I have started one or two projects that had beading incorporated into the pattern,  but for one reason or another they eventually became UFO’s, but I am going to give it another try.  I think the trick is to find something that has a few beads to start off with for the first project and then work up to something a little more intricate after success with the first.  At least that is what I am telling myself.

Show and tell was inspiring last month.  Here is what we all did

And then there were some drawings,  and the lucky winners are:


Bev got a project bag

20141011_101119Linda got some yarn.20141011_101146

and Amy got some yarn.


And then there was a gift presentation to our fearless leader, Suzanne,


The moment she figured out what it was……^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


I think she likes them.    Great idea Jacki!