It’s September !!!

Well it is the middle of September  and in my mind at least I can foresee the trees starting to change color and the temperature starting to cool off.  Last year I don’t remember having a fall season at all,  if we did it was all of five minutes.  I am hoping we get to enjoy the transition to cooler weather and put some  of those sweaters some of us finished earlier this year to good use.

Our September meeting was lots of fun, and there were plenty of new faces who became new members of the guild by the end of the meeting.   Welcome to you all!!

Kate led us all through getting to know our way around Ravelry  a little bit better.  I know the one thing I picked up on is where the reply to thread button is, so I will be less likely to hit the reply to button and forgot to add reply to thread.  I also enjoyed seeing where to go to see what other members and friends have been up to.  I knew that function was available and I have run across it in the past, but  I think we all get into a rhythm of how we use Ravelry and forget there are many options out there.

There are a couple of events coming up soon.  The first one being the retreat in Three Rivers.  I am counting the days and willing the minutes to fly by as fast as possible.

Charles Gandy will be teaching an all day workshop for us  October 25th.  I am looking forward to  meeting him and spending the day with someone who quite clearly thinks outside the box knitting wise.  I am beginning to agree with Cookie when she said with everything the guild has coming up,  this knitting thing is becoming a full time job.  Yes it is and yeah!! for that.

Now for show and tell time

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Next Stop……..  Three Rivers retreat!